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AMP-series Portable type aerial work platform

Mantall AMP series portable aerial work platforms safely reach working height of 14m.The unique mast design gives your more safe environment and easy conveyance.only Mantall can provide the models up to 12m roll easily through standard doorways without being tilted back.The AMP series offers you duel-control system that you can operate the lift up and down on platform or base.

Mantall abides by the safe standard of Aerial Work Platform products’ manufacture,safety and test.Mantall products following the standard:

JG5099-1998 、JG/T5100~5104-1998 、GB/T 9465.1-1988 、GB/T 9465.2-1988、GB/T 9465.3-1988 、QC/T719-2004,ANSI SIA92.6  CAS  EN 280  AS1418.10

A new Mantall AMP series of personal style aerial work platform,provide you with safe and efficient environment.

Standard Features

●Aluminum platform basket
●Polyurethane non-mark tires
●leverage ro-ro device
●Lifting ears
●Two controls of the platform and base
●Lower beeper warning
●Tilting device only AMP40
●Lowering switch
●Outrigger storage frame

Product Specifications

Platform height max.(m) 6.0m
Working Height max.(m) 8.0m
Width,stowed 0.74m
Height,tilted back ——
Length,titled back ——
Power source(AC/DC) 220V/110V/12V
Lift capacity 159kg
Basket size(E*F) 0.69m*0.68m
Stowed height 1.97m
Length,stowed 1.27m
Outrigger footprint 1.77*1.49m
Wall access front/side 0.18/0.45m
Weights(AC/DC) 335kg/375kg

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